Mojácar in summer: the ideal destination

There are few places to rest along the coast that are worth visiting in Spain. But if we made a top, without doubt in it would appear the Almeria town of Mojácar. In this article we talk about everything that Mojácar can offer you in summer. Beaches, parties, gastronomy, culture and a beauty admired by many, as close to Almeria as a transfer from your airport.


Mojácar is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain

The Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain includes Mojácar among the chosen ones as the most beautiful municipalities in the country. Interestingly, next to its neighbor Níjar, where you can easily get away from there. On the other hand, the town of Almeriais among the 30 most beautiful villages in Spain for the readers of El País. It is not a coincidence. Its beautiful white sloping houses, its narrow and medieval roads, its Arab fabric … And of course, its Mediterranean coast, where the landscape changes radically with respect to the town, inland and mountainous.


Discover the Bonfires of Mojácar

This association also recommends enjoying the bonfires of San Juan in Mojácar. This festivity gives the starting signal to the summer season, being celebrated with much desire by its neighbors on the seashore. There is even a bonfire for children and a gymkhana for the little ones. According to tradition,at midnight it’s time to bathe on the beach and make a wish.


Culture and gastronomy of Mojácar

Mojácar is also a place to enjoy good food. Both traditional Mediterranean cuisine and the most delicious dishes of the sea. When being between the interior and the coast, the typical mojaquera gastronomy is rich and complete. Fish and seafood, cooked in broth or grilled, have the special flavor of the Mediterranean Almeria. They are also highly recommended poultry and sausages made in a homemade way. Typical dishes are wheat, garlic colorao, balls, gurullos with partridge or rabbit and crumbs.


Party atmosphere on the beach

Many young people find on the coast of Mojácar the perfect place to have fun in summer. In its beach parties, discos, excursions and beach bars you will find all the party you want throughout the day. With many people who are looking for exactly that, have a great time at events, sessions and concerts on the beach.

For all this, Mojácar is a destination to keep in mind for your holidays. You can book your transfer from Almeria Airport to Mojácarto forget about complications.

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