Visit Granada and discover the Andalusian art

Granada, Andalusian land, perfect destination for a cultural getaway. The city of Granada offers many reasons to visit it, including La Alhambra. With our transfer service we will take you from the Granada airport where you stay.

Andalusian Art and other corners of Granada

One of the most characteristic images of Granada is the Alhambra, considered the thirteenth wonder of the world and UNESCO World Heritage since 1984. In addition, it is one of the peaks of Andalusian art for its interior and exterior decoration. This ancient city, a Nasrid legacy, has a set of palaces and gardens within a fortress known as La Alcazaba, which served as a royal residence. It also has six Nasrid palaces including the Palace of Los Leones, known for the fountain that presides over the same name and the Palace of Comares, characteristic for the famous Patio de los Arrayanes. Within the Alhambra, is the Generalife, resting place of the ancient kings and of great importance for its extensive gardens.

Granada counts, on the other hand, with other wonderful places to visit like the neighborhood of El Albaicín. Arab period and characteristic for its narrow streets and alleys. There is also the Mirador de San Nicolásfrom which you can see the Alhambra. Another notable neighborhood is El Realejo, better known as ‘La Judería’ because of the presence of Jews in the 4th century. This neighborhood is characteristic for its narrow streets and steep slopes.

You can not leave Granada without visiting the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel, historical symbol of this city. The Cathedral of Granada was the first Renaissance style in Spain. As for the Royal Chapel, it is a Gothic temple where the remains of the Catholic Monarchs Isabel and Fernando rest.

A place that can not go unnoticed in your stay in Granada is Sierra Nevada, located 32 kilometers from the city and has one of the best ski slopes in Spain. Its good climate allows skiing without complications and most of its slopes are open until the end of April.

How to get from the airport?

All these reasons make Granada an ideal destination. The center of the city is 18 kilometers from the airport. You canbook your transfer from the airport to the city from 4.12 euros and discover these wonders.

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