Is it worth booking a private transfer to the airport?

If you are already planning your next trip you will be wondering if it is worth booking a private transfer to go from the airport to your hotel. Whatever your destination, there are some aspects to take into account when making this decision that we collect in this post.

Go to the airport by public transport

All airports usually have public transport options to get to the city center. But this is not always the fastest or most economical option. Currently, in part because of the emergence of low-cost companies, our flights frequently arrive at airports far from the cityor with few transfer options. And then the tourist encounters the first problem when arriving at the destination: immense queues to get a shuttle bus ticket that make us start a trip with the last thing we feel like, wasting time.

If you travel in a group, forget about public transport

If you also travel as a group, the price factor will not make you decide on public transport to go to your hotel. Although shuttle buses or trains, where they are, are usually an economic option, unless you travel four people, you will opt for a private transfer, even when you have a guerrilla budget.

Traveling with luggage, children or people with reduced mobility

Although it would be desirable to live in cities without barriers, this issue is still a utopia in many aspects. If you are traveling with small children or people with reduced mobility, it will make it much easier to get to your destination in a private transfer from the airport. Simply if you are loaded with luggage, it will be advisable that you do it, because it will be much more comfortable than looking for space in a bus full of tourists.

Moving door to door

We often make the mistake of investigatinghow to get from the airport to the city center, but we forget to look at how to get to our hotel. If your hotel is located at a distance from the bus stop or the train station, you have to add the cost of another urban bus, taxi … or a long walk through the city “pulling” the suitcase. has it been seen in these?

And this is another advantage of the private transfer. You will go directly to the door of your hotel, so you will continue saving time and money.

Comfort, speed and good price?

There is no doubt that opting for a private transfer is the fastest and most comfortable option possible. In this infographic, we make a comparative summary of the cost of doing it in public or private transport at the end of 2018. You will see that with our transfers, in addition to being fast and comfortable, it is economical.

Aeropuerto De Sevilla

In short, public transport can be a good option, especially for the tightest pockets. But you should not stop contemplating the option of booking a private transfer. As well as being fast and comfortable, you can get a good price. If you want to make a simulation of your reservation or leave it already processed online, you can use our transfer booking form.

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