How to go from the Seville airport to the city center

If you are planning a visit to the capital of Andalusia, you have probably thought about seeing its cathedral, the Torre del Oro, the majestic Plaza de España or the Triana district. But if you travel by plane, you should know that Seville-San Pablo Airport is located just outside the city, just northeast. Specifically, about 10 kilometers from the center of Seville. This means that to gofrom Seville airport to the center it is absolutely necessary to use some kind of transport, either public or private. In this article we explain the options you have to reach your tourist destination from the airport.


Public transport

A recurring option, especially among young people, is usually public transport. The reason is thatit does not require prior booking and once in the airport the normal is to opt for the method that at that time we think cheaper. But it is not always as it seems. The Seville bus network has a line (acronym EA) that connects the airport with the Plaza de Armas bus station. The trip has a unique cost of € 4 per person and leaves every 15 minutes. The best option is to get off at Prado de San Sebastián, as it leaves near the most important monuments of the city. In that case, the route takes about 40 minutes from the time the bus leaves the airport. If you want to take advantage of your time, it can be an important slab.


Private transport

Using private transport has its advantages over the public. The cheapest and easiest way to get from the Seville airport to the center is to book your private transfer in advance. You can do it directly at this link, wheretrips from the airport to the center of Seville are offered from just € 4.33 per person. As you can see, it is a price similar to public transportation. Only you will arrive before any destination in the city and with the comfort of a five-seater vehicle adapted to your needs. It is also preferable to taxis whose airport rates are often abusive. You will be facing a unique opportunity to leave behind the often annoying public transport and move to private transportation due to the competitive prices it offers.


In short, now it’s your turn to choose your way from the Seville airport to the city center. Both transport options are feasible. If you take the step and opt for private transport, you can book your transfer in Hispatransfers.

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