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TheCosta del Sol is one of the favorite destinations of, without exaggerating, millions of tourists a year. It is known by all the attraction that this area of ​​Andalusia has among tourists from the rest of Europe. These go looking for sun and beach. But not only in summer, but the rest of the year. Therefore, the influx of flights to the capital of the Costa del Sol is always high. However, how can we find the best transfers to Malaga Airport?

Like most airports, Malaga airport is on the outskirts of the city, so you have to find an efficient means of transport to take you to the center or to one of the beautiful municipalities in the rest of the province. Not only the coast, but also the Serrania de Ronda.

Private transportation in transfers to Malaga Airport

Without a doubt, we are talking about the best option, especially if traveling with a group of people. A transfer picks us up at the airport and takes us directly to our destination, either in Malaga city or nearby cities and towns. In addition to avoid carrying luggage from one point to another, which is quite uncomfortable and does not allow you to enjoy the trip.

Many people think that it can be expensive,but the transfers to Malaga Airport are cheap, with very affordable prices per person. In addition, traveling in a private car will arrive before / from the place of accommodation, as we have the option to book both on the way out and on the way back.

More transfers to Malaga Airport

There are more ways to get around, of course. In fact, the Malaga airport has a Cercanías station just outside. For a low price, it can take us to the center of the city or other municipalities. The problem is that, because there is a lot of human trafficking due to the numerous flights, long lines are formed to get the ticket. This fact entails that the train is very full and we have to make a long journey on foot.

Choosing other types of transfers to the airport of Malaga can bring inconveniences. Although they involve savings in economic costs, they can be a large temporary expense. We would be talking about more time to reach our destination. Even forcing to take more than one means of transport, because there is nodirect connection between airport and hotel, something that is somewhat uncomfortable.

For that reason, a private transfer supposes, altogether, the best way to move between the destination and the airport. In addition to Malaga, Hispatransfersalso works in other provinces of Andalusia and takes you by car to the center of Seville.

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