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Seville is one of the most visited cities in Spain and in spring it becomes an ideal destination. In fact, this is undoubtedly the best year to visit. The pleasant temperatures and the light of these days, make Seville the perfect setting to enjoy a few days enjoying the beauty of the city. Seville is also the headquarters of our reservation center, so you can be sure to book your transfer from the airport to the center of Sevillewith us. If there is a city that we know well, this is Seville.

But if in addition to visiting the corners of the city you want to live their traditions, with world fame, you should know that on this date the Spring Festival of Sevilleis celebrated: Holy Week and the April Fair.

Holy Week in Seville

Holy Week completely transforms the city of Seville. This tradition was declared Festival of International Tourist Interest in 1980. Since the beginning of Lent, on Ash Wednesday, the preparations are intensified. The streets begin to change their appearance, smell incense everywhere. The tests of bands and bearers are intensified. The seamstresses do not stop working in Nazarene costumes. Even the Sevillian gastronomy also changes, the typical sweets of Lent arrive, in Seville the torrijas are the ‘queen’. In short, Holy Week changes the rhythm of the city completely.

There are 71 differentbrotherhoods that procession from Friday Dolores until Easter Sunday. The common path that all brotherhoods cover is the Official Race, which begins at La Campana and ends at the Cathedral, from which all the fraternities will embark on the way back to their temples.

One of the biggest attractions of Holy Week in Seville is the Madrugá. The night of Thursday to Good Friday in which procession some of the images that more faithful agglutinate, as the Macarena, the Great Power or the Hope of Triana.

The April Fair of Seville

Two weeks after the end of Holy Week comes the April Fair, which sometimes, as it happens in 2019, does not fall in this month, but in May. It is a reference cultural event, also declared in 1980, a Festival of International Tourist Interest. In a few days the Sevillian city and the environment change completely. Gone are Nazarene costumes and mantilla dresses for suits, flamenco and shorts. The atmosphere becomes less serious and gastronomy also takes a small turn. Goodbye to the torrijas, arrives ‘the rebujito‘, a drink that mixes chamomile with soda and is served very cold.

The venue where the Feria de Abril is held is located in the neighborhood of Los Remedios. Each year the Fair premieres a different cover. This construction usually represents some monument of the city of Seville. The Real has 24 blocks and 15 streets, each one with the name of a famous bullfighter from Seville. There are more than 1,000 booths, some public and others private. The Calle del Infierno is where the attractions, called ‘cacharritos’, are located.

This party lasts a week and starts with ‘the night of thelittle fish. That night fried fish is served in the booths and the lighting is turned on to start the Fair. As for holidays, this year on Wednesday is the only local holiday, although this is variable.

As they say: “Spring in Seville is wonderful”. Do not miss the Spring Festival! Remember that there are two ways to get from the airport to where you are staying: by public or private transport, although on these dates, it is usually very popular. If you travel to Seville do not hesitate to book your transfer from the airport with Hispatransfers.

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