13 reasons to visit the Carnival of Tenerife

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Tenerife is one of the most visited islands of the Canarian archipelago. And if for something it has world-wide fame, in addition to its beaches and its good weather, it is undoubtedly for its carnivals. It has good communication with two airports, one to the north and another to the south of the island. The first thing you have to do if you think about going to know their carnivals is to book a transfer from Tenerife airport to the hotel.

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is an internationally recognized festival that is worth living from within once in a lifetime. As there are many compelling reasons to visit Tenerife during their carnivals, we have prepared a list of up to13 reasons to visit the Carnival of Tenerife. Do not lose detail.


  1. Your status

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has the highest considerationfor parties awarded by the ministry with tourism competitions in Spain. Only the Carnival of Cádiz and the Carnival of Águilas hold such a qualification with Tenerife.


  1. Cousin of the Carnival of Rio

It is usually considered the second most well-known carnival and with greater international fame,since competing with the magnitude of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is impossible today. In addition, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is twinned with the Brazilian city on the occasion of these festivities.


  1. Heritage

At the moment it is a celebration with serious aspirations to receive the title of Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO.


  1. Your longevity

It is a celebration that occupiesmany days in the calendar. Up to 35 this 2019 that go from February 1 to March 10. This makes you have more dates than usual between which to choose to travel to the island. There are no excuses! And do not forget to book your private transfer from the Tenerife airport to your hotel when the time comes, as it is profitable.


  1. The beach

You can enjoy the beach in winter. It is not difficult to have pleasant temperatures on the island at this time, so you can go with the idea of ​​bathing and sunbathing.


  1. Your theme

This 2019 the theme of the parties will be the marine depths. Therefore, the main stage will be chaired by a giant figure of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. It has been made by Valencian Fallas masters and transported by sea to Tenerife along with more decorative elements.


  1. The Queen of Carnival gala

The Grand Gala of Choice of the Carnival Queen is an event marked in red by all lovers of these parties. In it you can see the most bizarre costumes and true works of art of haute couture. Up to 200 kilos can reach some costumes among all their ornaments. It is something that, if it is already impressive to see it on TV, live it much more.


  1. The Murgas Contest

El anual Concurso de Murgas del Carnavalde Tenerife es otro de los certámenes más seguidos por propios y extraños. So much so that the site is always crowded and there are people who even camp in the outskirts to get a good location. Fortunately, tickets can now be purchased online. Of course, we recommend you do it in advance.


  1. Nature

Another option to disconnect, besides the beach, is to take a walk through the Anaga Rural Park and get lost in the Canarian laurisilva. There you will find a flora more typical of movies than of the real world.


  1. Original food

You can try the carnival tortillas next to a small beaker. Typical food of the Carnival of Tenerife that will help you not to decay in the long days of celebration.


  1. The parades

There are two big parades through the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerifeduring the Carnival. One of opening, the Annunciation Cavalcade, headed by the Carnival Queen and in which also participate orchestras, comparsas, bridesmaids, groups, chariots and decorated cars and hundreds of spontaneous with their costumes. The second, on Carnival Tuesday, is known as the Great Coso Apotheosisand marks the end of the Carnival in an official manner. It is done during the day and the parade of the Annunciation Cavalcade parade again.


  1. Concerts

Multiple concerts are held for all tastes throughout the island. Monday is when the most anticipated performances take place in the main stages.


  1. Multiculturality

You will meet people from all over the world. Being a festival of international repercussion, it attracts tourists from all over, although you will see mostly of the whole peninsula and the islands. Carnival is a cultural fusion.


On the way to the Carnival of Tenerife

Now that you do not need more reasons to visit the Carnival of Tenerife, you only have to book your private transfer from the Tenerife North or South airport to any destination on the island from just € 4.33. This is just the beginning, you will discover much more there and for sure you will want to repeat once you try the experience. Do not lose sight of the Carnival calendarof 2019 to find out what is playing each day and to enjoy the festivities to the full.

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